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The Association


The non-profit association for the sponsoring of education of slum children in India supports the project Jnana Deep Home, which enables slum children to attend a regular school and accompanies them in their daily life. In one of the Learning Journey in India of osb international in 2013, I came across this project and its two initiators, the teacher and the Hindu priest Chaitra and Anand. In order to support their efforts we founded this non-profit association in Germany. The aim of the association is to enable underprivileged children to have a possibility of a regular school career.

We are a completely a volunteer initiative, which is supported by friends and circle of acquaintances. We ensure that every donation reaches the project directly. Yearly cost for a child amounts to around 1,500 euros. This means the association needs at least 22,500 euros per year to support 12 children. Currently the founding members of the association pay this sum. But in order to ensure a long-term and greater security regarding the financial support we need to expand the group of sponsors.

The Project


Chaitra and Anand founded Jnana Deep project 10 years ago and are convinced that they can already achieve a significant improvement of the living conditions of the slum children even with limited resources - this ideology and fact impressed me immediately.

In the past, the two initiators have financed the project through their own means and smaller donations came from the community. Through the establishment of our association, there is now a solid basis for their work and the children.

In Jnana Deep Home currently 15 boys are living full-time. Their age range between 7 to 10 years. They were fully entrusted to Chaitra and Anands by their parents for their schooling period. At this place they learn to have a regular daily routine, maintain cleanliness in order to avoind infections, to keep their clothes and their rooms tidy and above all: to go to school.

For this purpose, they receive tutions, learn to take responsibility for their lives and get support in all matters of life. A healthy diet, medical care and guidance on ethical principles. They are supported here to obtain a high school diploma which paves the path for their future.

The children


The children's parents are migrant workers who have odd jobs in construction, live in tents at different sites in the city and cannot provide a stable environment to their children. In the past most of these children helped their parents at construction sites or were supervising their younger siblings.

The parents are mostly uneducated and if they enroll their children in a school they will not be able to support them. However, they have made the decision that their children should get a chance, that is why they have given their children in the Jnana Deep Home - in the hope of a better future for their children. The parents are in regular contact with their children, they visit them and are kept almost daily up to date by Chaitra via telephone.

Donate !


Every little donation helps!

There are several ways to support us:
A one-time donation or regular donations from 10 Euro per month (cost of school tuition fees) to 125 Euro a month (total running costs for one child per month).

Via bank transfer:
Receiver: anschlussfähig (Verein zur Förderung der Schulbildung von Slum-Kindern in Indien)
Transfer comments: anschlussfähig
Bank: Berliner Sparkasse
IBAN: DE42 100500000 190355590

For a donation receipt please write down your full address on the transfer form.



Any form of support is welcome!

If you want to know more, please write to us at: :

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Verein zur Förderung der Schulbildung
von Slum-Kindern in Indien e.V.
c/o Tania Lieckweg, Gormannstr. 19, 10119 Berlin
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